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    Dear Visitor,

    Welcome to the IMPACT GARDEN - a knowledge and resource sharing platform, providing a window to the inspirational world of sustainability and impact.

    Originally launched by @TIIME team in 2016, it has been rebooted in 2019 with the support of a global team of contributors to help support you on your journey! #SustainabiltyIsAJourney

    It can be bewildering to make sense of the alphabet soup of concepts and acronyms around sustainability - see S(R)I* - so we have endeavoured to keep things simple.

    The site is organised into the following sections:

    Feel free to read the headlines, watch the videos or deep dive into the issues and debates. We hope you find information, inspiration and guidance you seek. We would be delighted for your feedback and suggestions to keep this platform useful and dynamic!

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    Enjoy the Impact Garden!

    Impact Garden Team


    Impact Garden is powered by a team of people contributing to the #impactimperative: the obvious and absolute necessity for organisations, investors and individuals to recognise their impact - positive and negative - on people and planet — and the commitment to improving that ratio.

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    Sustainability | Impact

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    Sustainable Finance | Impact Investing

    Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

    My Impact Journey

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